M.E.G.A. offers cutting edge solutions for the structural steel work. Thanks to a constant research and continuous innovation, MEGA can satisfy every kind of request from architecture, civil construction, industrial plants, creating a competent and reliable complex projects that require a high degree of specialization and technology.

The Company M.E.G.A. have skilled workers for all sectors in which it operates. Operators of structural steel have all years of experience in the production of micro and macro structures of precision, with both carbon steel and stainless steel, MIG / MAG and TIG welding, sheet metal working with CNC machines. The workshop is supported dall’uffico technician, who with the help of 3D modeling software, processes all the steps required to move from project work, such as: structural design, adhering to the scheme actually carried out, of proof of compliance structures with the requirements of the base of the project design drawings, able to fully define the profiles and structural sections taken the appropriate fees and details of the structure and connections used, shop drawings represent a development of the elements depicted in detail in the drawings of the project; mounting drawings, necessary to bring the references acts to facilitate the assembly on site.